Artist's Statement

Painting feeds my soul and makes my heart sing!!  I love exploration through color and texture in my work, especially my EARTHSONG collection, which speaks to the rhythm of life and the global connectedness we share in the human spirit.  My colorful, energetic and imaginative figures suggest our on-going dance, a dance with ever changing steps and tempo.

We are one world on one journey, and, EARTHSONG is a joyful, and whimsical invitation to dance and sing, hand in hand.  Painting this world tribe of happy figures brings me a smile and a sense of well-being!! I can almost hear them singing!!  I love interpreting my world with my paintbrush in both traditional styles and in my bold, colorful abstracts!! 

Painting is an ongoing odyssey of discovery, a living Gestalt in my journey, a celebration of living!!
Wana Klasen, Artist

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